Over 10 years, 17 countries and 75 projects, RetailROI has changed the lives of nearly 143,000 children worldwide

From Los Angeles to Liberia, Honduras to Haiti, and from China to the Congo, RetailROI has spent a decade rallying the people of retail to the aid of vulnerable kids across the globe. The number of kids in need is virtually limitless and the challenges are immense, but the lives impacted by the tireless efforts of RetailROI will leave a lasting impact on this world.

The stories to be told of the people of retail as they join forces with RetailROI serve as the inspiration for this podcast series. We hope that when you hear these people tell their stories, and the experiences they shared, that you will be inspired to get involved and support RetailROI in their mission to raise awareness of, and provide real solutions for, the more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide.

To learn more, donate, volunteer, or sign up for a trip, visit RetailROI.org.