Sowing the Seeds of Hope: How one woman’s incredible journey began with her hiding from rebels in the jungle, and culminated with her return to provide a home – and hope - for dozens of Congolese kids.



Congo is a country rich in natural resources, from rubber and copper to healthy soil and abundant forests. Unfortunately its geographic location positioned it squarely along the route that was used for the very lucrative African slave trade, and for decades, its people were kidnapped and traded like cattle – often by their own neighbors. In addition, beginning with King Leopold in the late 1800’s, Belgian’s colonization of the Congo brought decades of brutality, exploitation and disease upon the people, leaving their population decimated along with their spirit.

Even when Belgium gained independence from the Congo in 1960, factions from both within the country and outside its borders fought for control. Years of war and the lack of a functioning government, education and healthcare system made way for diseases like Malaria and HIV/AIDS to take hold.

Now Congo is considered one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world, unable to take advantage of their abundance of resources. Thousands of Congolese children are orphaned and in need of care, shelter and education.

Sowing the Seeds of Hope

Episode Two of the Commerce of Caring will tell the story of how RetailROI is helping make a difference in this extremely challenging part of the world.

We’ll hear the incredible experiences of Sabuli Sanguma, who hid with her five young children in the jungle for three months to avoid detection from the rebels when the long and brutal civil war came to their home village of Gemena. We’ll hear of their harrowing journey to flee the country and the conflict, and we’ll hear of her incredibly courageous decision to return to Gemena to care for the war’s many young victims. We’ll see how her courage, compassion and commitment have given hope and opportunity to dozens of children who had lost all of that and more.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

As with all Commerce of Caring podcasts, Sabuli’s uplifting story is another example of a story told through firsthand accounts of an otherwise ordinary people whose efforts and courage led to extraordinary results. They are stories of how vulnerable lives, often  in peril, are changed for the better as the people of retail come together, lean in, and do good work.

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Sabuli, Wilita and Massai Sanguma

Sabuli, Wilita and Massai Sanguma

Mike and Suzanne Seashols,  CongoVoice

Mike and Suzanne Seashols, CongoVoice

Noel Goggin of  Aptos  and his son Oisin

Noel Goggin of Aptos and his son Oisin